Saturday, 3 March 2012

Barracuda Beach Bar and Grill

Welcome to the Barracuda Beach Bar and Grill which is located in Whitby, North Caicos.  The beachside bar is part of the Pelican Beach Hotel.  On Friday nights, it is the place to be, with live music and where you can have a few drinks and chill out with the 'local people' who will make you feel at home. We are only a 10 minute ride from the ferry at Sandy Point.  WIFI is also now available at the bar. 


A lined pathway of conch shells will greet you from the parking lot to the bar.

The Barracuda Beach Bar is the only bar in North Caicos that is actually on the beach.

Come and join us at the Barracuda Beach Bar. We have the perfect seat waiting just for you.